1. Valve Assemblys Shipping Ways  

Destination in China areas: SF Express, Debon Express, the corresponding logistics company can be provided according to customer requirements in special cases.

Destinations out of China’s areas:DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT air, ocean or other shipping methods required by customers.

2. Valve Assemblys Lead Time 

Lead time:Send out within 3 – 7 working days after receiving payment(Except for special products and special cases).

3. Valve Assemblys Logistics Time for Destination Out of China’s Areas

DHL Logistics Time:

Country or Region of Departure Hong Kong, China Other Countries or Regions of Asia Australia and New Zealand Europe America Other Countries
China’s Mainland 7 Days 7 Days 8 Days 8 Days 8-12 Days 7-10 Days

UPS Logistics Time:  Country or Region of DepartureChinas Mainland 

Country of Destination Estimated Arrival Time Country of Destination Estimated Arrival Time Country of Destination Estimated Arrival Time
Japan 3 Days UK 5-7 Days Egypt 5-7 Days
Turkey 5-7 Days Singapore 3 Days Switzerland 5-7 Days
Bahrain 5-7 Days Latvia 7-10 Days New Zealand 7-10 Days
Sri Lanka 5-7 Days Thailand 3 Days Austria 5-7 Days
Romania 5-7 Days Vietnam 3-5 Days Estonia 5-7 Days
Malaysia 3-5 Days Israel 5-7 Days Mexico 7-10 Days
France 5-7 Days America 5-7 Days United Arab Emirates 5-7 Days
Italy 5-7 Days Netherlands 5-7 Days Bengal 7-10 Days
Lebanon 5-7 Days Philippine 3-5 Days Greece 7-10 Days
South Korea 3 Days Spain 5-7 Days Myanmar 5-7 Days
Canada 5-7 Days Germany 5-7 Days Saudi Arabia 7-10 Days
Portugal 5-7 Days Australia 5-7 Days South Africa 7-10 Days
Denmark 5-7 Days Belgium 5-7 Days Ukraine 7-10 Days
India 7-10 Days Qatar 7-10 Days Poland 5-7 Days
Indonesia 3-5 Days Morocco 7-10 Days Pakistan 7-10 Days
Kuwait 7-10 Days        

The logistics time is for reference only, subjects are according to the actual arrival.