Packaging Specifications


In order to make injector valve set work for long time, the materials to be chose are iron and stainless steel. After the multiple processes to complete an injector valve set, it must be oiled on the surface to protect from being rusted and being wrapped up by oil paper after being oiled.


However, to ensure the safety of injector valve set in storage, transportation and sales, a simple packing bag is not enough,  so a good package is needed to protect it from being damaged. Dieselcontrolvalveset chooses VCI rustproof bag and plastic transparent box (square and cylinder types are optional for the box) to pack each injector valve set, which can well protect our valve sets during transportation.


As to injector valve set package, Dieselcontrolvalveset support customized. Please check on package customized conditions details by clicking

And see the injector valve assembly's packages specifications as follow:


0445110 & 0445120 Injector Valve Sets VCI Rustproof Bag:


0445110 & 0445120 Injector Valve Sets Square Box:


0445110 & 0445120 Injector Valve Sets Cylinder Box:injector valve set cylinder box

Piezo Injector Valve Set VCI Rustproof Bag:

valve set F00VC01502 VCI bag

Piezo Injector Valve Set Package:


valve set F00VC01502 package


0445124 Injector Valve Cap Box: