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  There are only two days left of 2022, some start looking back of what happened in 2022 and signing the time flies. Some sit down to summarize for 2022 and make plans for 2023, others are just as busy as usual to catch up… Read More »Diesel Control Valve Sets Promotion On 2023 New Year


Since November 20th, the World Cup is in full swing, and the fans have enjoyed many exciting games already. That’s football, the sport that combines people together, no matter what age you are, no matter where you are from, and lifts up the spirit.  … Read More »F00RJ01714  Summarizes 32 Teams’ Record On FIFA World Cup


  November 4th, 2022, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz arrived at Beijing Capital International Airport. According to the interview of Chinese expert, he pointed that under the background of great changes in the political and security situation in Europe, as well as in the international and… Read More »What Is The Significance of German Chancellor Scholz's Visit To China?


On October 20, 2022, in response to "South African President Ramaphosa said that the Saudi Crown Prince expressed Saudi Arabia's desire to join BRICS", China actively supports the BRICS countries to start the expansion process and promote 'BRICS+' cooperation to a new level.   BRICS… Read More »F00RJ02004 Welcomes Saudi Arabia To Join BRICS Group

F00RJ01714 injector valve set encyclopedia cover

F00RJ01714 Encyclopedia knowledge   F00RJ01714 Injector valve assembly is one of the most important running parts, it is consisted of valve rod and valve cap, installed in the controlling room in the house body of injector. The main function of F00RJ01714 injector valve assembly is… Read More »F00RJ01714 Injector Valve Assembly Encyclopedia Knowledge

F00RJ02004 injector valve set video cover

This video introduces the injector valve set F00RJ02004 basic data, application information and customized service etc. as follow:
1. F00RJ02004 injector valve set part number
2. F00RJ02004 injector valve set appearance details
3. F00RJ02004 injector valve set application to injector part number
4. F00RJ02004 injector valve set quality
5. F00RJ02004 injector valve set customized service
6. F00RJ02004 injector valve set shipping packages

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