F00RJ02806 Celebrates the meeting between heads of state of China and Honduras

F00RJ02806 Celebrates the meeting between heads of state of China and Honduras

On the sunny afternoon of June 12 in Beijing, President Xi Jinping met with Honduran President Fidel Siomara Castro, who was on a state visit to China, for the first time the two heads of state met to discuss the prospects for the development of China-Honduras relations and international and regional issues of common concern. In-depth exchange of views to reach broad consensus.


On March 26 this year, China and Honduras formally established diplomatic relations, opening a new era of bilateral relations.As the first Honduran president to pay a state visit to China, Siomara Castro's visit is an important milestone.


The two heads of state jointly witnessed the signing of as many as 17 cooperation agreements between the two sides, involving the joint construction of the "Belt and Road" and strengthening cooperation in various fields such as economy and trade, quality inspection, agriculture, science and technology, and culture and education. These agreements will bring more benefits to the people of the two countries.


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Type Common Rail Injector Valve Set
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OE No. /
Application 0 445 120 083 injector
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SKU G1F1F00RJ02806/F10000B2BJ02806
Other Detail Size:13 cm*2 cm *2 cm


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