Celebrating President Xi Jinping’s Visiting France: Special Promotion on F00VC01011 Injector Valve Set

Celebrating President Xi Jinping’s Visiting France: Special Promotion on F00VC01011 Injector Valve Set

F00VC01011 Injector Valve Set News

F00VC01011 Injector Valve Set News: At noon on May 7, local time, President Xi Jinping and his wife Peng Liyuan arrived in Tarbes, France by special plane. French President Macron and his wife were waiting at the gangway to warmly welcome them.


As important representatives of Eastern and Western civilizations, China and France have always appreciated and attracted each other. Confucius' thoughts profoundly influenced Voltaire and others, and provided inspiration for the French Enlightenment. The work-study boom in France at the beginning of the last century has cultivated a large number of talents for China's revolution, construction, and reform. This year is the China-France Culture and Tourism Year. It’s believed that the two countries will take this opportunity to seek more wisdom and draw more nutrients from each other's cultures.


History has proven many times that China and France can benefit the world by joining hands. The world today is intertwined with events. The Ukraine crisis and the Palestinian-Israeli conflict are protracted. The world economic recovery is sluggish. Global challenges such as climate change are becoming increasingly difficult. As permanent members of the United Nations Security Council, China and France should shoulder greater responsibilities.


In celebration of President Xi Jinping's visit, we're delighted to offer an exclusive discount on the F00VC01011 injector valve set for a limited time only. Take advantage of this special promotion to upgrade your vehicle's performance and reliability while joining us in commemorating this historic moment in international diplomacy.


F00VC01011 Injector Valve Set Common Written 
F00VC01011 FOOVC01011 F 00V C01 011 F OOV C01 011 F00V C01 011
FOOV C01 011 F00VC01 011 FOOVC01 011 F 00V C01011 F OOV C01011
F 00VC01011 F OOVC01011 F00V C01011 FOOV C01011 /
F00VC01011 Injector Valve Set Basic Information

F00VC01011 injector valve set is one of the most popular used in the request, for it's applicable for generally used auto model, let’s see F00VC01011 injector valve set detail information as below.

· Model Number F00VC01011
· Warranty 6-12 months
· Application For 0445110038/0445110063 injector
· Delivery Time Within 3-7 working days after payment
· Size 13cm *2 cm *2 cm
· Weight 0.03 kg

F00VC01011 Injector Valve Set

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