F00VC01015 Injector Valve Set Promotion on Grain in Ear

F00VC01015 Injector Valve Set Promotion on Grain in Ear

Celebrating Grain in Ear With F00VC01015 Injector Valve Set

Celebrating Grain in Ear with F00VC01015 Injector Valve Set: Grain in Ear is the ninth solar term among the twenty-four solar terms, usually on June 5 or 6 every year. It's a good time to plant late rice and other cereal crops because of the season's high air humidity, plentiful rainfall, and sharp temperature increases. The term ‘Grain in Ear’ comes from the growth of crops, which means that the grains begin to bear fruit and the awns of the rice begin to grow. During this season, the farmers are busy cultivating, fertilizing, weeding and other agricultural activities to ensure good growth and bumper harvest of crops. In addition, Grain in Ear also marks the official start of summer, which is the harvest season for various fruits and vegetables, providing rich nutrition for the summer diet.


Grain in Ear is a solar term full of vitality and hope. To celebrate this season, dieselcontrolvalveset.com will give a big discount on F00VC01015 Injector Valve Set. The following is the information of Injector Valve Set F00VC01015. Let’s take a look.



F00VC01015 Injector Valve Set Application Information

It is important to choose the correct type of injector valve set for your injector, they are both applicable for completely different injectors, and when you buy injector valve sets, we believe the following valve sets on the injectors they are applicable for will help you.


Following is dieselcontrolvalveset.com F00VC01015’s basic information:

Type Common Rail Injector Valve Set
Part Number F00VC01015
Quality China Made New
Application For diesel injector


Warranty 6-12 months
Delivery Time Within 3-7 working days after payment
F00VC01015 Injector Valve Set Size 16 cm *3 cm *3 cm
F00VC01015 Injector Valve Set Net Weight 0.05kg

F00VC01015 Injector Valve Set

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Technical Data:








How To Buy F00VC01015 Injector Valve Set

Customers only need 4 steps to purchase F00VC01015 injector valve set on dieselcontrolvalveset.com.

. Contact us and fill in your request in the form.

. dieselcontrolvalveset.com contacts you to confirm your purchase products.

. Make payment.

. dieselcontrolvalveset.com delivers your purchase products.

dieselcontrolvalveset.com will arrange one on one customer service when you purchase injector valve sets from us. After customers receive F00VC01015 injector valve set within 15 days , customer can send it back to replace or repair if there is a performance failure with conditions of no appearance damage on the injector valve sets’ surface.

And dieselcontrolvalveset.com provides 6-12 months warranty for injector valve set.