Automechanika Shanghai 2023 - Shenzhen Exhibition

Automechanika Shanghai 2023 - Shenzhen Exhibition


As we all know, Automechanika Frankfurt Exhibition is one of the most famous exhibitions in Automobile industry in the world. In 2022, it has already been held in Russia and Dubai in October and November, and at the beggining of 2023, it will be held in China. Usually, the Automechanika Exhibition in China lands in Shanghai, this February it will come to Shenzhen, and it is much more honor to DCVS, as it is happening “ in front door”.


Before it starts, let’s take a preview of this exhibition. The Automechanika Exhibition will be held in Shenzhen’s new exhibition center, which is also the world’s second largest exhibition & convention center,  next to Hannover Exhibition Center of Germany.


There will be over 400 exhibitors from Automobile industry to take part in this exhibition, and a lot of visitors from all over the world are interested in visiting. We sure this will be a very great successful exhibition, and DCVS sincerely invite friends around the world to participate  Automechanika Frankfurt Exhibition in Shenzhen.


After introducing the exhibition, DCVS would like to introduce our valve sets that will be display at this exhibition. Please read the following content and check what are our products.



DCVSs Injector Valve Set Catalog

As a company that specialized in diesel injector valve sets, DCVS has developed our product catalog up to 140 types injector valve sets with different quality, which can meet a lot of demands of vehicles in the world, following are DCVS’s injector valve set’s catalog.

F00VC01 F00VC01 F00VC01 F00VC01 F00VC01
F00VC01001 F00VC01042 F00VC01306 F00VC01333 F00VC01357
F00VC01003 F00VC01043 F00VC01309 F00VC01334 F00VC01358
F00VC01004 F00VC01044 F00VC01310 F00VC01336 F00VC01359
F00VC01005 F00VC01045 F00VC01311 F00VC01338 F00VC01360
F00VC01007 F00VC01046 F00VC01312 F00VC01340 F00VC01361
F00VC01011 F00VC01050 F00VC01313 F00VC01341 F00VC01362
F00VC01013 F00VC01051 F00VC01315 F00VC01342 F00VC01363
F00VC01015 F00VC01052 F00VC01317 F00VC01344 F00VC01364
F00VC01016 F00VC01053 F00VC01318 F00VC01345 F00VC01365
F00VC01022 F00VC01054 F00VC01320 F00VC01346 F00VC01367
F00VC01023 F00VC01055 F00VC01321 F00VC01347 F00VC01368
F00VC01024 F00VC01057 F00VC01323 F00VC01348 F00VC01369
F00VC01033 F00VC01200 F00VC01324 F00VC01349 F00VC01370
F00VC01034 F00VC01201 F00VC01325 F00VC01352 F00VC01371
F00VC01035 F00VC01202 F00VC01328 F00VC01353 F00VC01372
F00VC01036 F00VC01301 F00VC01329 F00VC01354 F00VC01376
F00VC01037 F00VC01303 F00VC01331 F00VC01355 F00VC01377
F00VC01038 F00VC01305 F00VC01332 F00VC01356 F00VC01378
F00VC01379 F00VC01384 F00VC01508 F00VC01523 F00VC45200
F00VC01380 F00VC01386 F00VC01518 F00VC01543 F00VC01383
F00RJ0 F00RJ0 F00ZC01 / /
F00RJ00005 F00RJ02012 F00ZC01302 / /
F00RJ00339 F00RJ02035 F00ZC01305 / /
F00RJ00375 F00RJ02056 F00ZC01306 / /
F00RJ00399 F00RJ02067 F00ZC01307 / /
F00RJ01159 F00RJ02130 F00ZC01315 / /
F00RJ01278 F00RJ02213 F00ZC01317 / /
F00RJ01334 F00RJ02235 F00ZC01318 / /
F00RJ01428 F00RJ02246 F00ZC01319 / /
F00RJ01451 F00RJ02386 F00ZC01361 / /
F00RJ01479 F00RJ02410 F00ZC01317 / /
F00RJ01657 F00RJ02429 F00ZC01318 / /
F00RJ01683 F00RJ02449 F00ZC01319 / /
F00RJ01692 F00RJ02454 F00ZC01361 / /
F00RJ01704 F00RJ02466 / / /
F00RJ01714 F00RJ02472 / / /
F00RJ01727 F00RJ02506 / / /
F00RJ01941 F00RJ02806 / / /
F00RJ02004 / / / /

The diverse choices along with our professional services, DCVS has become one of reliable injector valve set’s suppliers from China.


After reading this, DCVS believes that you are already excited to take part in this exhibition, before you visit our booth, you may want to learn more information about DCVS. The following information will help.


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