What Surprise Does Diesel Control Valve Set Have On This Halloween

What Surprise Does Diesel Control Valve Set Have On This Halloween


Here comes the  annual big “horrible” party for children and adults ---Halloween. People go out on the street or parties with their assorted weird costumes.

It is said that on this night, all kinds of ghosts will dress up as children to join the crowd to celebrate the advent of Halloween, and humans dress up as various ghosts in order to make the ghosts more harmonious.


It is similar to the Hungry Ghost Festival ( or Ghost Festival ) in China in a certain way. They are both festivals for memorizing deceased ancients. In China, the ways people memorize the  deceased are more suppressed and more sad. However, in western countries, people are more celebratory and more harmony with “ ghost”.


Anyway, let’s get back to the point, what surprise does DCVS  have on this Halloween? which DCVS will give a “horrible” discount for western countries’ friends of F00RJ01683 injector valve set, and whoever make the orders during Halloween week  also will have our special presents from DCVS.


Now let’s check on the information of F00RJ01683 injector valve set.


F00RJ01683 Injector Valve Set Common Written

For the same product, it has different common written in different countries. Usually, F00RJ01683 is written as follows :






F 00R J01 683


F OOR J01 683


F00R J01 683


FOOR J01 683


F00RJ01 683


FOORJ01 683


F 00R J01683


F OOR J01683


F 00RJ01683


F OORJ01683


F00R J01683


FOOR J01683




F00RJ01683 Injector Valve Set Application Information For Injectors

It is important to choose the correct type of valve assembly for your injector, they are both applicable for completely different injectors, and when you buy valve assemblies, we believe the following information on the injectors they are applicable for will help you.

Valve Set

Part Number


Injector Series Injector Part



Injector Remake






F00RJ01683 CRIN2-16 0 445 120 080


CRIN2-16 0 445 120 268




Above are basic information for F00RJ01683 injector valve set, if you are interested in more details of F00RJ01683, please check:

F00RJ01683 product details:


F00RJ01683 technical file:


F00RJ01683 video:


F00RJ01683 encyclopedia:


F00RJ01683 news:



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