F00RJ01714 Injector Valve Set Promotion on Christmas

F00RJ01714 Injector Valve Set Promotion on Christmas

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We provide special discount for you during this glittering season.Now dieselcontrolvalveset.com is giving the promotion on the injector valve set F00RJ01714.Let's first learn some basic information about F00RJ01714 injector valve set.


F00RJ01714 Injector Valve Sets Application Information

It is important to choose the correct type of injector valve set for your injector, they are both applicable for completely different injectors, and when you buy injector valve sets, we believe the following valve sets on the injectors they are applicable for will help you.


Following is dieselcontrolvalveset.com F00RJ01714’s basic information:

Injector Series 0445120 series
Injector valve set Part Number F00RJ01714
Applicable For diesel injector:




For Car Model /
F00RJ01714 injector valve set Size 16 cm *3 cm *3 cm
F00RJ01714 injector valve set Net Weight 0.05 kg


Above is just basic information of F00RJ01714 injector valve set, if you are interested in learning more, you can check more details by following links.


Technical Data:






 How To Buy dieselcontrolvalveset.com’s Valve Sets

Customers only need 4 steps to purchase F00RJ01714 injector valve set on dieselcontrolvalveset.com.

. Contact us and fill in your request in the form.

dieselcontrolvalveset.com contacts you to confirm your purchase products.

. Make payment.

dieselcontrolvalveset.com delivers your purchase products.

dieselcontrolvalveset.com will arrange one on one customer service when you purchase injector valve sets from us. After customers receive F00RJ01714 injector valve set within 15 days , customer can send it back to replace or repair if there is a performance failure with conditions of no appearance damage on the injector valve sets’ surface.

And dieselcontrolvalveset.com provides 6-12 months warranty for injector valve set.

F00RJ01714 Injector Valve Set Promotion on Christmas