F00RJ02472 Injector Valve Set Promotion on Minor Snow

F00RJ02472 Injector Valve Set Promotion on Minor Snow


Minor Snow, the 20th solar term of the Chinese lunar year, lasting from November 22 to December 6. During this time, the light snow freezes at night but melts quickly during the day.


According to an old Chinese saying, “If the sky is full of snow during Minor Snow, next year will be a harvest year.” Low temperature accompanying the snow can kill some hidden pests and bacteria in the soil, which can benefit the agricultural sector in the following year.


Minor Snow, the temperature drops sharply and the air becomes dry. It’s the best time to start making preserved pork and vegetables, which by the Chinese Spring Festival would be ready to enjoy. On cold days, people may crave some hot and spicy food to keep warm.


To wish all the people a happy, warm and prosperous winter, dieselcontrolvalveset.com is giving the promotion of F00RJ02472 injector valve set during Minor Snow. Following is the information about F00RJ02472 Injector Valve Set.


F00RJ02472 Injector Valve Set Information

F00RJ02472 injector valve set is one of the most popular used in the request, for it's applicable generally used in fuel auto model, let’s see F00RJ02472 detail information as below.


Type 0445120 series injector nozzle
Part Number F00RJ02472
For diesel injector 0445120182/ 0445120369/ 0445120383/ 0445120403
For Engine Model: 1104D-E44T
Delivery Time Within 3-7 working days after payment
Warranty 6-12 months
Size 13cm *2 cm *2 cm
Weight 0.03 kg


Above content is basic introduction of F00RJ02472 injector valve set, if you want to learn further information of F00RJ02472, please check:

Encyclopedia: https://www.dieselcontrolvalveset.com/f00rj02472-injector-valve-set-encyclopedia/

Technical File: https://www.dieselcontrolvalveset.com/f00rj02472-injector-valve-assembly-technical-file-pdf/

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How To Buy F00RJ02472 Injector Valve Set

On dieselcontrolvalveset.com, customers only need 4 steps to purchase F00RJ02472 injector valve set.

Contact us and fill in your contact information.

dieselcontrolvalveset.com contacts you to confirm your purchase products.

. Make payment.

dieselcontrolvalveset.com delivers your purchase products.


After customers receive F00RJ02472 injector valve set within 15 days, customer can choose to replace it or repair it if there is a performance failure with conditions of no appearance damage on their surface.

And dieselinjectorvalveset.com provide 6-12 months warranty for F00RJ02472 injector valve set.



F00RJ02472 Injector Valve Set Promotion on Minor Snow